Sadly, we have been so busy with getting ready to move, moving, and cleaning to update our little website here! There’s not really a lot to say about the move that everybody doesn’t already know from their own experiences moving. The thing I most regret is the fact that we boxed up all the stuff we never use really nicely, and the stuff we need all the time was moved last, which mean it went in piles instead of boxes. That makes it more difficult to wade through, but we’re managing so far.

I’m definitely going to have regular updates from now on, now that we’re in the new house and internet is hooked up, but for now, let’s do a photo dump. Enjoy!

Toilet made on Kevin's bday
The toilet was made on Kevin's birthday
Trying out the future overhead light
Testing out a prospective overhead light for the bathroom
Mmm, bathroom
Coming together
Installing the toilet
Installing the toilet
Admiring his handiwork
Testing out the new sink
Craft room being filled with boxes
Since the craft room is the least "necessary" room, it's the first casualty to the moving hurricane
Watch paint dry
Oh, bright white paint, how I love thee.

With all of the pictures, you’re welcome to click on them and see the complete set on my Flickr. Right now, it looks like a hurricane hit the house, so I’ll be updating as we get things organized and figured out.

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