This project is back-burnered somewhat, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about things now. I’m talking about STAIRS! We’ve got a one-level pillbox ranch house, so any dreams I had about lovely Newell posts, grand staircases, and whatever else are pretty much out. However! 

Bathroom ideas

They came out to the house today in order to mark the yard for the holes they’ll be digging in order to anchor our basement walls and finally fix them. Progress! That means we need to get working on that bathroom in earnest, so we’ll 


You see this pile of cabinets? We’ve been hoarding them since January of last year (well, most of them anyway), paying to store them off-site until we’re ready to remodel our gross-but-mostly-usableĀ  kitchen. We had grand plans for these babies, to strip the disgusting paint,