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Iowa City

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Hey, who feels like buying a house in one of the sweetest little neighborhoods in Iowa City? There are a crapload of houses for sale in our neighborhood, and I while we’re really going to miss some of the wonderful neighbors we’ve found, it wouldn’t […]

Rosie’s Best

Did I ever tell you about the girl who lives around the corner, who has a food blog and has a burgeoning-yet-already-successful business selling homemade granola? Or about the time that I made a stray comment about a beautiful teacup making an appearance in one […]

ECO Iowa City

Apparently, an organization has been started in Iowa City very recently that will help promote and improve environmental sustainability here in town. I just found out about it on Facebook, and I’m already extremely excited about it! It’s being managed by the Iowa City Public […]