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Summer To-Do List

This house blog is so, so sadly neglected. I want to remedy that! We’ve had some cool stuff going on in our house, and we’ve got even more cool shit in the works, so we might as well detail it, right? Right.

House To-Do List

  1. Revamp the look of the blog. It’s stale!
  2. Work on developing a comprehensive strategic plan for our house, with outside (possibly professional) help.
  3. Once the plan is done, work on revamping “The List
  4. Have the silver maple in the backyard evaluated to see if it needs to be cut down
  5. Finish arched doorways in living room
  6. Clean up the back patio and move the bricks (but first, figure out where to move the bricks to)
  8. Have a garage sale/purge everything possible
  9. Make a good list of easy meals that aren’t made of crap
  10. Complete radon remediation

Blog posts to bring everything up to date

  1. Hardwood floors! (they’re glorious)
  2. The long-awaited garage update
  3. Area rugs!
  4. Updated kitchen post
  5. Future kitchen plans
  6. Garden plans/progress
  7. Homebrewing!
  8. Spoonbutter
  9. Strategic plan!

I’ve also got a running list over on my personal blog. What’s on your list this summer?

Baby List!

The pile keeps growing.

We’ve got a whole passel of things that we need to get done, with a tentative deadline of July 23rd. Totally abandoning the “official list“, there a much more urgent roster of items that really needs to be done before we’re graced with Baby Smannon. Like to hear it? Here it go:

  • Finish electricity in the garage
  • Tear out house carpeting (gross and really old)
  • Build a wall in the living room to close off the basement from the upstairs of the house
  • Install wood floors
  • Replace interior doors
  • Insulate outer wall of basement
  • Repair or replace basement exterior door
  • Insulate floor of kitchen and bathroom
  • Install smoke alarms
  • Paint/decorate nursery

We also have a list of “things that would be nice to finish but aren’t as urgent”:

  • Rebuild basement stairs
  • Paint/prettify basement stairs
  • Install ceiling fan in living room
  • Paint office

There are a few items we want to buy, too, like a new dishwasher, but those will probably be at the mercy of the projects that actually need to be done ASAP. Meanwhile, we recently bought all of the flooring (goodbye, tax refund!) as well as a new couch and chaise lounge, which Kevin is modeling above, and which will probably become my nest during my maternity leave.


Long weekend


By some miracle, I have an honest-to-goodness three-day weekend, starting today. Oh mah gah. Can I tell you how badly I’ve needed some time off? I know I just came home from vacation a month ago, but you should know that my life has been nonstop stress and busy work ever since then. Usually, I have clinic over the weekends, busting my ass for 9 hours at a stretch at the hospital, learning what I can and soaking up as much experience as I can grab. I was even supposed to have clinic this weekend as well, but by the grace of my poor instructor, I got out of it and will manage to enjoy my three-day weekend like a normal person. Hooray!

Unlike most normal people, though, I’m going to choose to spend my long weekend being as productive as fuck, because I can’t do it any other time. And because I am in love with making lists, here is the one I’ve made for this weekend:


  • Check out a possibly awesome antique garage sale
    (the pickings were slim, but Kevin snagged an old drive-in theater radio)
  • Go to the bank
  • Go out for vegetarian Indian food at Masala
    (we ended up eating at Exotic India in Coralville to avoid the Jazz Fest crowds, and we really missed Masala)
  • Go to hardware store to schedule garage drop-off, price railroad ties for retaining wall, buy hole saw, price garden sheds, stare longingly at hardwood flooring
  • Lie around watching Moon and drinking cocktails (hey, gotta start the weekend out right, am I right?)
    (Moon was delicious, and only partly because I want ravage Sam Rockwell)
  • Write grocery shopping list/menu
  • Organize linen closet
  • Hem living room curtains (which have needed to be hemmed for over a year)


  • Workout at the gym
  • Study session with clinic girls
    (didn’t get up in time, so I studied at the gym)
  • Take stock of spice cabinet
  • Trip to Kalona for cheese curds, doughnuts, and spices with Dawn
  • Order some spice jars to get that shit organized and pretty
    (I ended up getting a case of 24 2oz jars)
  • Take pictures of backyard and baby birds nesting on the side porch
  • Write up backyard/garage update
  • Barbeque for dinner
  • Bake something
    (Can I pretend I baked something if I bought a Dutch apple pie in Amish-town instead?)
  • Build shoe shelving in front closet
  • Organize front closet


  • Workout at the gym
  • Study/homework
  • Laundry
  • Organize basement
  • Take pictures of basement
  • Write up basement update blog post
  • Help classmate with setting up her iPad
  • Boating with friends
  • Bake something
  • Barbeque for dinner
  • Go watch Iowa City’s fireworks from parking ramp rooftop
    (we watched from the Pentacrest instead)


  • Workout at the gym
  • Study/homework
  • Friendship bracelet-making!
  • Set up computer backups on new hard drive
  • Bake something
  • Pedicure
  • Buy new cat food bowls
  • Go watch Coralville’s fireworks in the park

Jesus, that’s an ambitious list. We’ll see how far we get.