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Hey, it’s our house!

Thanks to Mid Century Home Style for serving up old plans!
Our house is a Weyerhaeuser model 5127 home

Sorry for the long-time radio silence here. Having a kid has eaten our lives and left us with very, very little time to do any home improvement projects. EVERYTHING IS AT A STANDSTILL, AND IT SUCKS! That to-do list below? The only additional things we completed were getting the silver maple evaluated (it doesn’t have to come down yet, but it will within the next 5 years), having a garage sale (it was good), and revamp the look of the blog (which I hate more than before I did it). Everything else is still languishing. UGH. The arched doorways? Not done. The patio cleared? Nope. Comprehensive plan? Not even.

However! We have some cool stuff in the works, as we’ve decided that 2014 is THE YEAR OF THE YARD! Our yard is in pretty dire straits, but at least we’re working with a blank canvas, right? RIGHT? I guess. I’ve been working on gathering ideas together into a Pinterest board (I know, totes lame), and just today came across the image above. It’s our house’s original plan, holy crap! Thanks to Mid Century Home Style for serving up old plans! The only changes include the little wall making the front entry into a vestibule being removed, leaving it open to the living/dining area, and the fact that a former owner in the 60s added on a kitchen, making the old kitchen into a little dining nook area. Otherwise, that’s it! We found footings in front of our front windows that we had wondered might have been an extension of the existing front porch, but according to the picture above, it was actually a planter! We might have to bring that back.

So, stay tuned for more posts about plans and progress pictures! And maybe I’ll actually get around to putting together the posts on my to-do list below. Someday!

Fire snowton torpedos!

While we slept last night, our entire region was pummeled with snow! We kept gleefully looking out the windows at the back of the house to watch the snow blow around and drift, and this morning we were greeted with the following scenes:



I live pretty close to downtown, and my street is still pretty much impassable. A plow made one sweep down the street, carving a sidewalk-sized path in the street with 4′ drifts on either side. Since I don’t trust my little Escort to make the trek to work, and all of the bus lines are shut down, I’m housebound for the day! It’s too bad we weren’t able to snag more supplies for the basement remodel yesterday before we were snowed in, but we’re still making really good progress.