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Long weekend

By some miracle, I have an honest-to-goodness three-day weekend, starting today. Oh mah gah. Can I tell you how badly I’ve needed some time off? I know I just came home from vacation a month ago, but you should know that my life has been […]


Okay, so you have to know that we haven’t been on vacation since I last posted in April. BUT! We DID go on vacation last month! We took a break, from my schooling and Kevin’s grueling work tearing the house apart and rebuilding from scratch, […]


I’m 12 days from finishing this semester, and we’re 21 days from an epic roadtrip into the mountains, and what does Kevin decide to bust his ass doing? FINISHING THE BASEMENT. Oh shiiiii- we’re going to have the most ass-kicking basement ever. What’s on the […]