Bathroom ideas

They came out to the house today in order to mark the yard for the holes they’ll be digging in order to anchor our basement walls and finally fix them. Progress! That means we need to get working on that bathroom in earnest, so we’ll have a usable one available to the construction guys while they’re working and they won’t have to tromp around upstairs, letting the cats escape and causing generalized havoc. Might as well come up with a few plans for the space, amirite?

This is probably what we’ll end up doing in the room. Somewhat boring tile floors that are readily available at the hardware store here in town, with grey or black grout (we learned our lesson with bright white grout in the upstairs bath, that no matter how clean it is, it shows EVERY FLAW and EVERY SPECK OF EVERYTHING, cripes), shallow pedestal and toilet, corner shower stall, and white walls. We’re going simple on the lighting fixture, and there will be a little nook alongside the shower where I want to hang bare pine board shelving for towels and toilet paper. We’ll also need a hook for the hand towel (I love this octopus one), and I’d like to go with a wooden bathmat to carry over the shelving theme. Cute, but a little boring.

If I had my choice, I’d go with a nice punch of color on the floor, like these vivid Mexican cement tiles in a bold graphical pattern. Sigh. Kevin will veto, I’m sure of it.

Also, I’d like to do a large, interestingly-framed mirror that’ll run the length of the space behind the sink and toilet, so I’d better start junk shopping for one. Brand new will be outrageous.

Basement bathroom demo

So, do you guys remember the bathroom in our basement, the one that belonged in a horror movie? This one:


Basement shower

Basement "vanity"

When we moved in, we were so overwhelmed by projects in areas of the house that we use everyday, as well as how stinking awful that room was, that we basically shut the door to this bathroom and never used the room (except in extreme poop emergencies, since there’s only one other bathroom in the house). It was really easy to forget that the room was even there. It was a sort of time capsule, illustrating the overall effect of the state of the house when we took it over.

Welllll, Kevin got a wild hair up his ass last night and decided to tear it down, as a way of busting into our giant “To Do” list that we’re going to be covering over the next year or so. The list has been looming largely since we received funding to do some major renovations around the holidays, and it’s been difficult to decide where to start. Not anymore!




I think it’s time for a pretty major hardware store run, don’t you?


Hellloooooo, nurse! How have I not heard of Younger Furniture before now? They’re American made, don’t have fluffy, overstuffed back pillows, and can scratch my Midcentury Modern itch nicely while still holding up well as brand new furniture.

Lily by Younger



So, yeah, it might be time to take a little jaunt over to my favorite local source for all furniture modern and beautiful, Meta Home, since they’re listed as one of only two sources for this brand in the state of Iowa. Hooray for offering beautiful options to consumers in my neck of the woods! The Iowa City area is a magical place.

Thanks to Pam over at Retro Renovation for posting about these gorgeous couches!