Bathroom, smashroom

One of the things that HAS to be completed before the house is livable is the main-level bathroom. I got my first look at it over the weekend, and while it’s not as if it’s poop-smeared and caving into the basement, it certainly needs to be gutted and redone. There’s currently carpeting (ugh) on the floor, an institutional-looking wall-hanging sink, a toilet that doesn’t work, and a random cabinet to fill wall space.

It’s also got an art deco cast iron tub that I think is fabulous, but which is worn down to the point where it needs some work to be usable. Over the weekend, we did a little bit of research and found that we could either resurface it (which involves painting it, basically, with a paint similar to that used on cars, in which case Kevin might be able to do it himself) or get it powder coated, which would involve taking it out of the bathroom. I really want to save it, but if we can’t, I think we’ve found a cast iron Kohler tub at Home Depot that will do the trick. We both like faucet handles along these lines:

While at Menards, we found a series of vanities that we both happened to love, even though they were modern rather than retro. Unfortunately, they’re made in Malaysia instead of the US, so we’re going to do some more shopping around before we make our decision. One of the ones we liked is shown here:

And tile! I have pretty much made it known that we’ll be putting unglazed hex tiles on the floor, and I think I have finally brought Kevin over to the darkside of tiling the bottom halves of the walls with white subway tile. Hurrah! I think we’re mostly going to go white, so that we’ll have more flexibility down the road in terms of accent colors and accessories.

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  1. I think white is lovely in a bathroom. We had black and white tile in our house in Cedar Rapids and it sucked all the light out of the room.

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