Hello, new house!

Old, old picture

If everything goes as planned, Kevin should be closing on the house today. How exciting! The picture above is a pretty old one, and one that appears with the house’s listing on the city property assessor’s website. I feel kind of creepy taking pictures of it before we actually take possession of it, so until then, this will have to do.

Over the weekend, I got my first really great look at the innards of the house, and I was really relieved to find that it’s got great bones, and there’s tons of potential. Don’t get me wrong, even if there weren’t I would have painstakingly polished that turd. Seeing all of the things that can be done to it was very exciting, though. I look forward to cataloging all of the ideas that I’ve got for it here.

Yesterday, we let the landlord know that we’ll be out soon because of the house purchase. Kevin let him know that we’d be out by the first of the new year, which was a bit further away than I thought we’d been planning (I was hoping to move by the end of November so that we wouldn’t end up with a double housing payment, but I’m sure we can manage). Telling the landlord is just one more little way that this is becoming a real thing. It’s like, “Hey, there’s no going back now. We’ve given notice to the landlord!” Amazing. We also spent a good amount of time at Menards and Home Depot over the weekend, daydreaming and figuring things out. Kevin also went ahead and bought a heater for the garage so that he’ll be able to get things done out there over the winter (had to buy it now, before the closing, because the sale price was too good to pass up).

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