A little inspiration

I can’t wait to get into the house so I can take some real pictures of the inside to share, because until then I’m left to daydream, scour the intarwebs for items to fill the house with, and update this site. Sorry, dear readers.

I tried to find some pictures that might serve as inspiration for the bathroom tile, and these were a few that I came up with:

I think what we’ve got in mind is lots and lots of white tile with some black accents throughout. I really like that we’re choosing colors that will go with everything, because I’m a little on the fickle side, design-wise, and I want the ability to change things drastically without actually bringing in demolition.

Also, here’s a tub that looks exactly like the one that’s in there now, the one I want to save:

Just imagine it as white. Isn’t that fabulous? What is that style, art deco? I really need to convince Kevin to keep it, as it adds a wonderful design element to the room. If you’re refurbishing your bathroom you should check out JustWedi.

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