Bathroom Progress

We’ve picked out and purchased most of the items that we’ll be needing to renovate the bathroom, which is making this whole thing a lot more real to me. I’m getting excited!

We found the sink faucet and the new bathtub at Home Depot for very fair prices ($89 and $329 respectively), and pretty much all the rest of the brand new items will be coming from Lowe’s. This is a relief, since Lowe’s is 5 miles away and Home Depot is 30 miles away. I was adamant that we use white hex tiles on the floor, which will definitely make up for the vintage qualities that will be lost by getting rid of the art deco tub that’s in there now. We went with a pedestal sink because the room is so small, and we’ll be going with white subway tile that’ll go 4′ up the walls and 6′ up for the tub/shower surround, probably with a black pinstripe around or close to the edge. Yay, hot black and white bathroom!

We also found a fabulous antique Montgomery Ward icebox at Artifacts a few weeks ago, and it’s just the right depth to use in the room to store toiletries and towels. We’ll have to repaint it white and clean out the inside, but it’s going to look dynamite. We also picked up a brand new mirrored medicine cabinet at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $20. We’re lucky that we’re coming in so under-budget, so we’ll be prepared in case any big, unforeseen expenses come up.

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