Into the abyss

So, we had our first night of working on the house yesterday. We ended up plugging away at going through and sorting trash from treasure from about 6-9:30pm, and even though we weren’t at it long, I think we honestly got a lot done. The basement is over halfway empty, and Kevin’s dad worked on getting the rest of his belongings out of the upstairs. Here are some pictures:

Living room
The living room
Living room
The other side of the living room
Doorbell/phone nook
Doorbell and phone nook
The bathtub we both want to save
Soon to be craft room
What will eventually be my craft room
Piles of stuff in Kevin's old bedroom in the basement
Shelves filled with who-knows-what
More piles of crap. You should have seen it before.
Moldy bedroom
Check out the creeping black mold in the corner!

More updates to come!

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