Into the abyss, Pt. 2

For the second night in a row, we worked on going through all of the boxes and dressers and piles of stuff in the basement. It was hard work, but we’re probably about 90% done with that part, and we think that demolition should be pretty easy work. Who doesn’t like breaking stuff?

The laundry room is a nice minty green.
The root cellar. Gotta love all that mold.
You can see where the wall is buckling here.
That's going to be our entertainment center after we get it cleaned up.

Now that most of the stuff is out of this area of the house, the dumpster is almost full! We hadn’t planned on that, but we’ve still got to put all of the demolished building materials in there from the gutting of the room, as well as the materials from when we gut the bathroom, into it. Also, the garage hasn’t even been touched yet, so we’re looking at having to get another dumpster. Tonight, the basement will be bleached after all of the demo is done, so hopefully that’ll start the long process of getting the stink out of the house. That, getting the carpets and air ducts professionally cleaned, and scrubbing and painting all of the rooms will hopefully start to make this house feel like a home.

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