Demolition, baby

Yesterday when Kevin went to the house over his lunch break, he got one of the best surprises EVER: his brother Kris had been over there all morning, finishing up the basement and doing a good chunk of the demolition that needed to take place to finish gutting the room. It was like an early Christmas present! Except that demo also showed us that all four walls of the basement are buckling. Sad face. We’re going to have to explore that whole basement wall anchor concept, and hopefully we can find an option that won’t be terribly expensive, or that we can do ourselves.

We also came to the house to discover that the dumpster is totally full already, and we haven’t gotten to the garage, the attic, or gutted the bathroom yet. We’re trying to figure out if we need another full dumpster, or if we might be able to borrow a big truck and just make a dozen trips to the dump on our own, which would be cheaper.

Anyway, on to the pictures:

The illegal bedrooms are gone!
Now you can totally see the buckling wall
The room is so huge now that it's (mostly) empty
The gross bathroom has been gutted except for the plumbing

We brought all of the items that Kevin decided to keep upstairs, piled the trash in the middle of the room, and hosed the walls down with bleach. We’re on our way to a non-stinky house!

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