Another day, only a little blood spilled

No pictures today, since I forgot my camera at home this morning. Weird. I have two homes right now, although I won’t really consider Clark Street home until my stuff is there. I’ve felt like a transient for the past 13 years or so, and I’m hoping with this move, which will hopefully be the final one of my life, that feeling will go away. It might take a while, but having the ability and resources to customize the place to our liking is going to go a long way.

Today Kevin and his dad spent most of the day running loads of trash to the dump, which really made a dent in the amount of stuff lying around inside and outside the house waiting to go. The end of moving his dad’s stuff out of the house is finally in sight, which means that we’ll be able to make great strides in getting the house into move-in condition. They’re finishing out the day by clearing out half the garage (previously filled almost to the ceiling with miscellaneous junk, non-running lawn equipment, and empty cardboard boxes) so that Kevin can move the 1953 Chevy there before they salt the roads for the winter, which could have done heavy damage to the car. Thank goodness we were able to get it over there in time!

I spent the day working in the basement some more. We brought the Shop Vac over, and I spent a good bit of time vacuuming cobwebs out of the space between the floorboards from upstairs and where the old drop ceiling had been before we tore it out. It’s hard looking up and holding the vacuum wand up for hours! I felt kinda bad for the spiders to be destroying their habitat, but I figure everything in nature needs to reboot every once in a while. It’s good for the earth to be scorched every so often. Also, let me tell you how much I love our Shop Vac: A LOT. It is amazing and magical and is made of unicorns and rainbows. I honestly don’t know what we would do without it. Probably have kitty litter tracked all over the house, that’s what.

I also spent a lot of time making the only usable bathroom in the house usable again. I bought some turbo Tilex for mildew and mold, hosed the place down, and scrubbed it with one of those heavy-duty Scotch Brite scrubbers with the plastic handles. You won’t believe it’s the same place, except for the floor. I think we’re going to tear out the shower, get a new sink and toilet, and tile the floor to make it nicer. All in good time.

I also spent some time with my new best friend, the scraper with the curved end, just right for bumping with my other hand to jab into some stubborn paint flakes. I honestly wish there were an easier way of scraping all of that paint off the basement walls, but I’m not sure there is. I should do some research. Kevin just wants me to scrape the paint that’s obviously flaking, and then we’ll paint over the rest. However, whatever paint was used down there in the past wasn’t right for painting concrete blocks, so it’s ALL going to flake eventually. I’d rather scrape it all, use the right paint, and never have to worry about it again than just paint over it and wait for the rest of it to flake off eventually. Maybe that’s just me, though.

See you tomorrow!

ETA: Oh yeah, the blood! Evidently, there were some junk boards with nails still in them in the back of the pickup truck during one of the dump runs, and as his dad walked to grab them, he stepped on a nail. Yikes! He seems to be okay, though. We’re going to make sure his tetanus shot is up to date.

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