It has been far too many days since this was last updated. We’re to that point in the renovation process that we come back to our rental house and just sort of fall into bed after working at the new place, without the energy to upload pictures, but still doing it thanks to a website a found that helped compare broadband and get the best option, or to call our friends back. Sorry! The end is sort of in sight, though, and we’re really looking forward to being able to relax once we’ve gotten our projects done and have moved.

Kevin has been busy working on the upstairs bathroom, with a lot of assistance from our friend Mark, who has his own handyman business in town. (If you need stuff done to your house and you live within 30 minutes of Iowa City, use him! He’s good!) On Monday night, the two of them got the new subflooring laid in the bathroom, and last night they were able to get all of the concreteboard for the floor cut to fit, spread some wet concrete on the subfloor, and screwed the concreteboard in place. This will allow us to lay tile and not have to worry about moisture seeping down to the subflooring and causing it to rot. Very important, indeed.

While they worked upstairs, I was downstairs painting the basement walls bright white, a welcome change from the ancient antique white that had been on the walls before, and through the mold fiasco had become stained black in places. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of this yet. Mark’s girlfriend Angela was a big help on Monday night, too, and we knocked out most of the basement walls that evening. It’ll take a few coats to cover everything up, but it’s already starting to look great. I’ll take pictures for comparison tonight.

Subflooring installed
The subflooring has been laid
Never squeak again!
Lots of screws mean no squeaking floors
Ready for bathtime
Kevin’s ready for a bath
Mortaring the subfloor
Mortaring the floor
Screwing down the concreteboard
Screwing down the concreteboard
Ready to tile!
Ready to tile!

On the docket for tonight for the boys is to hang the concreteboard for the tub surround and hopefully start tiling that with the white subway tile. I’ll be busy putting another coat of paint on the walls in the basement and finishing up getting the kitchen cleaned up. I’d like to bring carloads of kitchen items over and get it completely moved this week, so that I can start making dinner at night while we work on the house. We’ve been eating out every night, and it’s getting to be ridiculously expensive, and homemade food will be a nice change.

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