Boo, hiss

Unfortunately, we didn’t get as much accomplished over the weekend as we’d hoped we would. I guess we’ll be spending the rest of the month making up for lost time, although Kevin nicely padded some of our projects so that we’d have some wiggle room in terms of getting things done.

On Friday, AmeriClean came in and cleaned both our HVAC ducts and our carpets. Because of the nature of our HVAC system, we actually had a greater than normal number of ducts to be cleaned. We also had our living room, hallway, and three bedrooms with all closets cleaned. The jobs were done by two different workers, and both actually used the word “gross” to describe their respective jobs to do at our house. Yikes. The company was able to cut us a 10% deal on cleaning our carpets since the house was vacant (usually the fee includes the worker moving your furniture around to clean the carpets), so the total for both jobs that day was $497. That kinda seems like a lot, but the difference it has made in the smell and air quality is pretty profound, so we figure it was well worth the cost. Eventually, we’ll be tearing up all of the carpeting, and we’ll probably continue to get the ducts cleaned once every few years.

Some of the concreteboard hung for the tub surround
The craft room

This is what this room used to look like. Progress!

New 50s lamp on a tension rod from Artifacts
Table lamps from Artifacts

On the docket for tonight after work will be finishing hanging the concreteboard in the tub surround, starting to tile, and continuing to prime the walls for painting.

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