Is it too early to start dreaming up designs?

The thing is, I’m almost finished painting my craft room, and now I’m getting excited about the finishing touches. Should I even really be worrying about finishing touches until the other major projects are done and I’m at least moved in? I don’t think I can help it. Here’s what I’m working with now:

Craft Room
This is a better representation of the wall color
I love this color
And this is a better representation of the current trim color, not yet painted

Ashley from The Vertical House used this color in her bedroom, and I fell in love with it (Valspar’s “Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue”, found at Lowe’s). She also suggested Behr’s “Swiss Coffee” for the trim, but to get Behr paint I’d have to drive all the way to Cedar Rapids to Home Depot. Instead, I found a comparable color in Valspar’s paint lines, “Sawyer White”. Here they are together:

grand-hotel-mackinac-blue sawyer-white

The white looks a little dirty here, but in example images, it looked lovely, nice and warm and not too stark. Rah! And then there are always window treatments to think of. I’m thinking single-panel curtains, either with tab tops and wall hooks to sweep them aside, or else pocket panel curtains with ribbon tied to keep them in check, like the ones in Nicole’s kitchen over at Making It Lovely.

Here are some possibilities from Reprodepot and Sew Mama Sew for curtain fabrics.

rd-damask rd-toile sms-darladittyblue300 sms-giantoctopiaqua150aqua300
sms-mermaidsaqua300 sms-minglingice300 sms-rosedamaskblue300 sms-underwatersistersaqua300

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Is it too early to start dreaming up designs?”

  1. Hey — things are looking good! Kelly and I have been super busy what with the runup to Christmas and all, so I haven’t had a chance to stop in to take a look and say hi but I’d like to one of these days. Dig your color choices.

    Couple tips:

    1. Any color you can get at HD, you can get anywhere else. I recommend Sherwin-Williams because the people working the counter always know what they’re doing (as opposed to Lowe’s & HD, where it’s a crapshoot). You might have to bring in a color tag but most of the time if you can give them the manufacturer and code they can reproduce it for you. Also, when you start purchasing at S-W, they will send you 20% off coupons on a regular basis. Generally speaking, you can get their paint for the virtually the same price as HD or Lowe’s. Also, it spreads out super-nice, which is good when you have a paint with a lot of pigment in it that can require several coats to get an even finish. You can buy cheap paint for 1/2 price, but you usually end up putting on twice as many coats for the same end result.
    2. I highly, highly recommend all people paint their ceilings flat white. I can’t tell you what a huge difference it will make in making the room seem larger and more inviting. This is one area where cost doesn’t matter — just buy a five gallon bucket of the cheapest industrial flat white you can find.
    3. The flatter the sheen, the more your paint will hide imperfections in the wall. However, the glossier the sheen, the better it will stand up to cleaning and scrubbing down the line. Hence, flat on the ceiling because you’ll rarely, if ever, wash it. Eggshell or satin on the walls and semi-gloss for the trim.

    Anyways, I know how it goes. When I bought my first house, I had to work every day for a month to get it livable (we’re talking about cat-piss crackhouse bad to start) so I know what you’re up to. Trust me, it’s worth it in the end! Curtains and accessories are nice and all, but if you have to choose between painting a room or sewing curtains, I’d choose painting the room.

    Good luck, guys! I know you can do it!

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