We’re tired

As illustrated here by Kevin:

Kevin tired after a hard night of sanding and painting

I think we’re both getting a little punch-drunk about all the work that we’ve already done, as well as all of the stuff that we still need to do. We cleaned an ocean of garbage and ruined non-garbage out of the house, gutted the basement and upstairs bathroom, made countless trips to the dump, and helped his dad move out of the house, and now that we’re officially at least halfway to the move-in line, we’re starting to poop out a little. Our deadline for having things livable enough to move in is January 1st, which is only 13 days away. Less than a full two weeks. That’s kinda scary.

Kevin has almost finished prepping the bathroom for tile, which was probably the hardest part of the job. Between punching holes in concrete board and sanding everything flat, it’s almost ready to go, and tiling will take place for most of the day on Saturday, with grouting to be done on Sunday. Here are some progress photos:

Sanded flat

Concrete board and drywall hung

Last night, while the ice storm raged, we both worked on painting the guest bedroom, a room I unfortunately forgot to take “before” pictures of. It looked a little like a cave, with dark brown shaggy carpet, dark blue walls, and oddly pink windows. We’re going bright white for now as a fresh start, and it’ll probably be rethought near the end of our renovations (sorry, guests!). Here’s what it looked like after two coats of “high hide white” paint last night:

The blue room

Tonight will be all about finishing the prep on the bathroom, slapping another coat of white on the bedroom if it’s cured enough, cleaning out our new fridge, and washing and prepping the living room to be painted. Check out http://hanover-cleaning.com/ for more. Maybe with a trip to Lowe’s thrown in there for good measure.

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    I love it, too. Unfortunately, it looks directly into the windows of the neighbors, so it’ll soon be covered with some very colorful gathered curtains.

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