Bathroom impossible

I’m beginning to think that it’s going to be out of the question to find a shower curtain that both Kevin and I find acceptable and that also vaguely matches the proposed era of our bathroom already nicely ugraded with the Bathroom City UK. I’ve been fervently searching online for anything that I like that might also appeal to Kevin’s persnickety attitude about anything that he’ll have to look at everyday.

We spent too much time last night, browsing at Bed Bath & and we looked at a lot of bathroom remodeling ideas; Beyond and discussing what kind of look we want for the room. Originally, I had it in my mind that I’d like the walls above the tile to be some sort of misty grey or blue-grey, to give a serene counterbalance to the stark white of the tiles, floor, and fixtures. This, of course, sort of requires that the shower curtain either incorporates one of these colors, or at least complements them. By the end of the night, I felt a little desperate, and while we were at Sears returning some Christmas gifts, we impulse-purchased a black and clear checkered curtain that I’m not very keen on. Kevin pushed for it, and we bought some soft grey hand towels and a bath rug to go with them, but when he hung the curtain later last night, he agreed with me that it wasn’t right.




The room definitely needs color. Luckily, painting companies offer a variety of color solutions. For a day I was really into this one from Target, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that it’s not quite right for the room. Plus, Kevin didn’t like it. Surprise, surprise.

I’m thinking that I might just need to find some good fabric and make a cute curtain myself. That might be the best option.

As far as window curtains go, I’m not terribly keen on cafe curtains, and was instead considering doing a single panel statically affixed to the top edge of the window, with a hook on one side so that it could be pulled to the side to let light in when the room isn’t in use. I was overruled on that, so maybe some Emma Jeffs window film? I rather like her Clover design, which might also appeal to Kevin’s Irish heritage obsession.

3 thoughts on “Bathroom impossible”

  1. The first thing I though of before I had even read the whole posting about the bathroom was “They should make their own shower curtain!” Get some fabric from Repro Depot, Artifacts, Ebay, or Home EC, use a straight stitch and do and use that for the front, and then use a clear shower curtain for the part facing the actual bathtub. You could use snaps or eyelets to fasten the curtain. Ready Made is a great resource for inspiration for home remodeling. I am fantasizing about what we would do if we had a house. I can live vicariously through you for a bit! I am good with color choice and design choices and will help if you want when we get back.

    As for the wall color-maybe a pale “Irish” Green or a pale blue-green? Or you could add color by putting art or pictures on the wall with colorful vintage fabric or wallpaper behind them, or just scraps of fabric or wallpaper that you both like. Or perhaps some Vargas Prints?

  2. I have that shower curtain! I also have that soap dispenser filled with honey & milk yellow soft soap!

    I also heart exclaimations when someone has twin bathroom design desires.

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