Shower curtain fabric possibilities

I’ve been browsing fabric online for some ideas for shower curtains, and I’m wondering why I’m suddenly drawn to orange. It has never been a pleasing color to me, and I often head to red when I’m on that side of the color wheel. Some of these fabrics are really speaking to me, though! Here are some possible fabric/wall paint combos:

Fabric Wall color

Why is it that they’re always out of the fabrics I like the best? Boo, hiss. We’ll have to stop by Home Ec Workshop to see if they’ve got any cute fabrics before I go crazy and order a bunch online.

6 thoughts on “Shower curtain fabric possibilities”

  1. I really like the soft green w/ the bird shapes. I also like the last one – Turquoise and black and white go so well together. My third choice is # 2 – the orange and flower shapes.

  2. I also love turquoise baths, especially with black and white.

    I am also drawn to the top two orange options, and the red birds on the blue trees with blue paint.

  3. I agree, I love the turquoise. But I like the bottom blue wall color with the top (#4?) blue birds curtain fabric instead of the one at the bottom. The pattern on the soft purple curtain third from the bottom is my favorite pattern, but the color is not colorful enough, it’d blend into the greys you have going already.

    I also like the first pink wall color. If you have two bathrooms, you could pair the pink with the same blue/bird curtain in a different room. There’s pink in the birds, it could work. *heh*

    A note on orange: if you’ve never liked orange before now, I’d probably not put a lot of effort with it, just use it in accents… in case your interest fades, you’d probably not want to paint the bathroom again in a year after having just finished the whole house.

  4. I just stumbled on your blog today via Door16. I’ll be watching your bathroom reno with interest…we’re doing ours right now too and have a similar look with white subway tile and dark accents.

    I like curtain #4. The pattern is a bit more subtle and would lend a fresh feel to the room.

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    Hey, wanderluster, how did your bathroom end up coming along?

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