Kitchen renovations? Already?

Maybe soon! Thanks to our friend Mark, we may be coming into an ugly, but workable, set of metal kitchen cabinets. They’ll need some work, but they’re period-correct and they’ve got a lot of potential.

New kitchen?
Probably more cabinets than we need
From the looks of it, this sink is probably cast iron. Also, over five feet long!
I'm digging the hardware, too.

We’ll be getting a Dishmaster kitchen faucet, which are awesome retro faucets that are actually still in production and made in the USA. You can read about a tour of the factory and a little about the company’s history here.

Now, I know I was talking about fancy stone countertops here, buy why spend thousands on rocks when you can spend hundreds on period-correct boomerang laminate with stainless steel edges?

These two are directly from the Formica corporation, and can probably be ordered directly through Lowes. This might be the cheapest option, and I like the Charcoal and Skylark options.



These ones come from a company called Bars and Booths, who seem to specialize in retro countertops and tabletops, which is right up our alley. They’ve got a special selection of boomerang laminates, but they’re also pricier. I like their Glacier and Turquoise color schemes.



2 thoughts on “Kitchen renovations? Already?”

  1. I say go with the Charcoal or Glacier, which will allow more color options. Then again, I’m into red, lime greens, and yellows for kitchens.

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