Slow progress is still progress

Kevin and I have been slowly working on getting the house squared away. He’s mostly been concentrating on getting the basement in order and the pool table put together, and I’ve mostly been working on keeping the dishes clean and the making the most of the living room. After moving our IKEA Expedit bookcase out of the way of the front door and into the actual sitting area, we decided that its placement just didn’t work but weren’t ready to decide where to move it, which meant I was not busying myself figuring out what would be going on all the shelves. Last night, we finally got it moved to where I think it is going to stay, which is in the middle of the large expanse of wall at the far end of the living room. Now, I can get busy putting things away!

We spent some time shopping over the weekend, and got some items for the house, so I’m going to call that productive. One of the things we picked up was a table and chairs for the kitchen.

New table and chairs

The table is perfect because it’s large when you use the leaves, but they can both be lowered to take up less room when it’s not in use. This is perfect for the little nook in the kitchen under the glass-doored shelves. The chairs are kinda gross, but we’re going to de-grease them and use them until some time in the future when we’ll recover them with something cuter.

At the same time, I picked up a lovely little Zenith bakelite clock radio for $15. I love it.

Zenith clock radio

Kevin has done some fabulous work in the basement. I’m really amazed at how wonderful it looks.


Organized basement

Compare those photos to this and this, which are basically taken from the same angles when we were working on cleaning it out.

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