Bedroom sanctuary

I’ve got big plans for the bedroom tonight.

Not those kinds of plans, you dirty birds! Improvement plans. Painting plans. Decorating plans. Well, the painting might wait until the weekend, so that the room has time to air out before we try to sleep in it again, but the paint will be purchased, at least.

To buy
Valspar’s Filtered Shade
Valspar’s Bleached Slate
(2) Poster frames in unfinished wood
(3) Pleated or cellular shades in white, 31″ wide
White curtains (or bed sheets)
Curtain hardware
This kit, possibly, for an interesting pop of color

I should probably also buy some paint and curtain hardware for the bathroom while I’m out. That room needs to get finished up, and if we’ve got all of the supplies on hand, we won’t have any excuses not to do it. Right? RIGHT?

Edit: The colors in those links don’t appear to go very well together, but they look a lot better in the palette from Valspar’s site below. I’ve added in the approximate color in my bedspread, along with the flat black of the bed frame to see the contrast, and I really love it. Let’s hope it looks good!


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