No money, mo’ problems

So, I really did go to Lowe’s last week and picked up that paint that I had planned. I found a great green color that’s going to look fabulous in the bathroom alongside the fabric that we picked up many moons ago in order to make a window curtain and shower curtain. I got the grey and off-white paint for the bedroom. I even picked up some yucky (but cheap) white mini-blinds to hang in the windows of the bathroom.

And all of it has sat around gathering dust since then, 10 days ago. Ten days of laziness! Okay, so the ten days weren’t totally lazy. We had a scooter get-together last weekend, Kevin’s been working hard getting a friend’s Vespa on the road, and I had a very important concert to attend (Simon Joyner, John Vanderslice, and The Mountain Goats were all outstanding). Also, yesterday there was the death of a beloved pet of mine who still lived at my parents’ house, which led to another night of lying around doing nothing. I think that one is excused.

Other than that, however, we’ve got one big excuse for everything: we’re BROKE as a JOKE. Seriously, after paying 6 months’ worth of property taxes and paying down our debt, we have no money left over. What does that mean? It’s time to put some sweat equity in our little abode. Since the weather is going to be halfway nice, I’m enforcing the following to-do list:

  • Pick exterior paint colors (main color and trim)
  • Price replacement of storm windows and doors, which are now on clearance
  • Tear out plants around the outside of the house that we don’t want to keep (there are many)
  • Clean up yard debris like leaves, pine needles, etc
  • Take measurements of back patio and price wood for building pergola

I may add a few items to this list, like sewing up a window curtain instead of spending money on high-quality double roller blinds for the bathroom or prepping the wall for paint, but for now, since Easter is on Sunday and we don’t get Monday off, I’m trying not to be overly ambitious. We’ll see. I promise to update with pictures over the weekend!

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