Big changes don’t have to take very long

In fact, we were able to accomplish this much in just a few short hours this evening. I stayed home sick today with some variation of the Martian Death Flu, but I was feeling well enough by the time Kevin got home from work that I was able to help a little out front. Here’s what we (mostly Kevin) did:

In progress

In progress


In progress

No more bushes

Before and after
Glorious progress

You can see the rest of the set of pictures here.

2 thoughts on “Big changes don’t have to take very long”

  1. Hey! I know where you live! It’s around the block from me! I think my husband, dog and I saw your taking these photos 🙂
    The house really looks amazingly better without them! Congrats on the fast change!
    I am in total love/envy of your stove!
    If you’re ever looking for a sewing buddy around the corner, give me a call! I have an email address on my blog. Nice meeting you on the blogosphere! (Amazing how I’ve meet more of my neighbor’s here than in person!)

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