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We have so many projects going on, people. No joke. Actually, we’re only ever involved with one project at a time (obviously, home renovations aren’t really good venues for multitasking), but we’ve got so many backburners that it’s getting out of control. To be honest, we might have developed a little bit of house ADD, since we keep starting projects and almost finishing them, and then leaving them to languish. Like the bathroom. Oops.

Anyway, one of the projects we’ve got waiting in the wings is the kitchen. We’ve been smart about this room, though, and we’ve decided not to even start on it until we have all of the pieces we’ll need to finish it collected or purchased, so we can do it all in one go. It’s such an important room of the house that we can’t afford to lose use of it for longer than it’ll take to do the work. In the meantime, Kevin’s workshop has slowly been filled with bits and pieces that we’ll incorporate into the room. Want to see what we’ve got so far?

Signature sink cabinet
This is the sink cabinet that we picked up for free from the owner of the stove below. Metal cabinets with a sink in great condition.
New (old) Chambers Stove!
Check out this fabulous original Chambers stove! It's in great condition, and I can't wait to see it installed in my house.
New kitchen?
Remember these guys that we picked up over the winter? Original Youngstown Mullins kitchen cabinets from the 50s. We'll paint them all white and put on matching hardware.

Things left to collect for full kitchen assembly from this site:
black and white checkered ceramic tile flooring
Formica laminate countertops referenced here
Dishmaster kitchen faucet referenced in the same post
Lots that I’m forgetting

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  1. Oh wow! You’re kitchen is going to be unbelievably cool when you finish it! You are smart to wait, though. Being without a kitchen is NOT fun.

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