Edible gardening

We currently have two different planting areas in the backyard: a large vegetable garden at the bottom of the yard on the long skinny side, and a smaller herb garden situated right alongside the current patio (spot that will someday soon be enveloped by the bricks we’ll be using to extend the patio quite a bit). I got a chance yesterday to snap some pictures of both areas.

Catnip blooms!

Herb garden:

Sugar snap peas
Sugar snap peas, with their viny fingers twisting around some fencing
One of several tomato varieties

And veggies!

Dead watermelon
My poor dead watermelon
Jalapeno plant
Jalapenos, nrom nrom nrom

The watermelon seems to have been the only casualty in the garden so far, although I was afraid of losing my squash on a few occasions. The veggie garden doesn’t get as much sun as it probably should, so the plants are a little shorter than they might be otherwise, but they still seem to be thriving. I’ve noticed a few nibbles on the jalapeno leaves, and I suspect the bunnies in the neighborhood are trying to infiltrate the fence. My dear friend JoAnn gave me a haircut on the back patio last night, and I took all of the cut hair (there was A LOT, man) and tucked it in close to the outside of the fence to keep the rabbits away.

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    We totally are! I hope we have lots and lots of tomatoes, so that we can make a brazillion gallons of salsa and tomato sauce. We’re also going to have way too many hot peppers, if you guys want some.

  2. Sure, I have a really good Rachel Ray recipe for a tomato salad, remind me to bring that to you the next time I see you.

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