I spent the weekend in the Chicago ‘burbs, happily NOT going to Lollapalooza and spending as much quality time in the air conditioning as possible with one of my best friends, Natasha. We both decided that no trip to Chicago would be complete without a trip to IKEA, and I had a little bit of money saved in my “house” account, so off we went.


I decided on the Kassett boxes to fill the bottom row of our glorious Expedit bookcase in the living room, to hide the more cluttery stuff that we still wanted close at hand, like magazines and cds. I picked up a few plain white curtains to be used in the bedroom, where my colors are grey, white, and a soft blue. I also got an accordion mirror for the bathroom, and a bunch of frameless picture frames for use in displaying food pictures my friend Alice sent me to decorate my kitchen.

Isn’t it great how buying new stuff motivates you to finish projects around the house? Expect pictures soon!

2 thoughts on “Oh, IKEA…”

  1. Oh I really want to take a trip to Ikea soon, those Kassett boxes are on my shopping list as well. Our closest Ikea is actually in Sweden, which sounds funny that we have to leave the country for some Ikea shopping, but it’s a bit less than 2 hours drive 🙂

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    I’ve always been so envious of how cozy Europe and Scandinavia are. I wish I could see all of that history in such a short drive! And I am definitely planning another IKEA trip soon. I’ve got to start making a shopping list.

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