Needing to purge

I can feel autumn coming in my bones, and I am so, so looking forward to it. I’m daydreaming about long walks on leaf-strewn sidewalks in my lovely little historic neighborhood, seeing my breath come in little puffs in my backyard by a firepit, and puffy down vests. Quiet comfort is what I’m missing, something that gets lost in the summer.

One of the feelings that’s coming with this need for quiet comfort is also an urge to purge. Since moving into the house, my craft room/studio has become a catch-all space, the corners of which are full of random papers and things that we want to keep on the main level of the house but don’t know what to do with. The room itself if crammed with more furniture than it really needs, including two skinny bookcases, a desk, a drawer unit, a vintage kitchen table with three chairs, a vintage sewing machine, and another lower shelving unit that contains a bunch of random things that I’ve yet to find places for. I haven’t finished painting the room (SIGH), haven’t replaced the lighting fixture, haven’t replaced the ugly, stained, and worn pink carpeting, and haven’t hung any art on the walls. Unacceptable! How have I lived with it this long? I have no idea, but it’s got to change quickly so that I can start enjoying and using the space and stop cringing at it as I walk by in the hallway. I’ve turned to flickr for inspiration:

Things to happen before autumn:

  • Triage books in collection (as a former English major, I’ve compulsively collected “classic” or “important” books without reading most of them, so it’s time to cull the herd down to what I actually love/enjoy)
  • Replace ordinary windows with double glazing melbourne windows that allow in the least infrared radiation
  • Get custom curtain makers to design exquisite curtains based on the room color and its atmosphere
  • Hang fabric curtain to block closet doorway
  • Hang curtains in window (cafe curtains, perhaps? soemthing fun, at least)
  • Triage furniture
  • Remove all furniture from the room to finish painting around window, ceiling, and walls bordering ceiling
  • Formulate a more constructive and comfortable floor plan for room, move furniture back in
  • Hang art
  • Come up with shelving/organizational system for closet
  • Get a rug to cover ugly carpeting until we replace with hardwood floors

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