Paint pains, Part 1

So, we had a bit of an issue with paint during the last week, causing us both a lot of frustration and probably raising the ire of our neighbors, those poor folks who probably never dreamed they’d have to deal with kooks like us when they chose their lovely little houses in our historic neighborhood. We’re sorry, neighbors, we didn’t do it on purpose.

I should probably begin at the beginning. As you’ve probably noticed when you’ve looked at pictures of the outside of the house, we had a bit of a problem with peeling paint.

Okay, maybe it a little more serious than “a bit of a problem”. Paint all over the house was peeling like crazy, all the way down to the bare wood. It had previously been painted less than 5 years before, and I guess it started peeling less than 6 months afterwards. I don’t know if the paint issues stemmed from poor workmanship, or if it was possibly because, during the years that he had lived there alone, Kevin’s dad had used inside climate control as little as possible, and extreme temperatures coupled with very, VERY poor insulation created issues with the siding and making the paint peel. Maybe it was both of these factors combined, I don’t know. Anyway, it was obviously something that needed to be dealt with, and soon. The homeowner’s insurance company had even started sending us letters telling us the paint needed to be fixed ASAP. (Of course, they started sending these letters to us in JANUARY, which is the perfect time of year for painting the outside of a house, right?)

Anyway, we planned to take care of it as soon as the weather got nice, and thanks to a generous joint birthday gift from my parents, we had the funds to buy some kickass paint. We decided on green, since it wasn’t a very common color on our street, and we both had a vague idea of what shade we wanted. When he was growing up, Kevin’s grandparents’ house was pretty close to what we wanted, bright but not too vivid, a good 50s color. Since then, it has been sided with vinyl in a neutral shade, so we spent a lot of time cruising around town, looking for the perfect flavor of green, and finally found a house that we thought looked like it was the right color. Then came the fumbling.

Instead of knocking on the door and asking the owners directly if they knew the paint color/brand, or at least getting a comparative color, instead we went to Menards, picked up all of the green paint chips, and then parked ourselves across the street and tried to eyeball it. Not too smart. We settled on their shade called “A Little Bit of Lime”. After translating that to a Home Depot/Behr color, it was “Key Lime”. Lime. That should have been a clue that it wasn’t quite right.


Not so bad, right? It looks pretty mellow as a paint chip. Too bad we picked it out in the store, mere minutes before we had 12 gallons of it mixed. If only we’d been able to visualize the shade on the exterior of a house… We check out and called the contractor to agree the details.


AUGH! Yeah, not good. A little too…neon. So, what were we greeted with when Kevin was finished painting the front of the house?

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Paint pains, Part 1”

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    It could have been a lot worse, but I don’t think I could have dealt with it on a daily basis. It was just too bright.

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