Paint Pains, Part Deux

On with the story!

I should mention that we had actually tried a sample of the Menards paint in the color we chose. In fact, we had a lovely stripe of it next to the front door for months before we finally got around to prepping the house for painting, and while we agreed that it was a little on the bright side, we still felt it was close enough to what we had envisioned and wanted to use it for the whole house. I’m sure our neighbors loved us, having a white house with light blue trim and a big green stripe down the front.

The green that we originally chose gave off a bit of the color blue, but when we found the color closest to it at Home Depot, it was clearly more yellow. That should have been another clue. When Kevin finished up the front of the house, it GLOWED. Our poor neighbors must have thought we were crazy. A few of them walked by while it was this color and said things to the effect of, “Well…I guess it might be okay?” and then scurried away. Kevin and I were embarrassed, to be honest. It certainly hadn’t turned out the way we’d hoped.

I did a little bit of internet reading, and had the idea that we might be able to do some paint doctoring, like by pouring a darker color into it. Kevin decided to try asking Sherwin Williams if they might be able to do something about our situation, since we definitely didn’t want to go all the way up to Home Depot in Cedar Rapids for nothing. He was told they might, so we loaded up all 11 remaining gallons into the trunk of his car and drove over, hoping for a miracle.

We had a paint chip that we thought we’d like, and Sherwin Williams actually has a whole line of brochures that include paint chips from different architectural eras, and we found a color in the “Suburban Modern” brochure (i.e. 1950s) that was pretty close to the paint chip, and the gracious lady working the counter told us she would see what she could do.  She warned us that the color we had chosen to shift our paint to was still pretty bright, and we let her know that we wanted bright, just not, uh, neon. The next day, Kevin picked up the doctored paint and set about covering up the first coat. This was the result:

Perfect! It was exactly, EXACTLY what we’d had in mind. When he was repainting, the new color next to the first green looked almost diarrhea-brown, but now that it’s completely covered it up, we love it. The trim and mailbox will be white, along with the cinderblock foundation. We’ll also be replacing the front storm door (discussion on that will be saved for another post) and storm windows with white ones eventually. Better photos to come!

2 thoughts on “Paint Pains, Part Deux”

  1. Hey, I’ll have to drive by and look at the color, it looks very nice in the photos.

    We have used the S-W arts & crafts colors nearly exclusively for our indoor painting, the nice thing about their palettes are that the colors all look good with each other.

    I remember looking at the Suburban Modern colors and trying to envision them on the two mid century modern homes across the street from us done up in them.

  2. I LOVE THE COLOR! I am so looking for retro stuff for you now. It was my fav before we moved into the bungalow. Like Mike I use the SW Arts & Crafts palette. It’s a little creepy for me since it is the same colors my mother’s house was in the 70s….. Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen. And kitchens should always be put first.

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