Gearing up for T-Day

I’ve never been much of a fan of Thanksgiving. I’m vegetarian now, which means the holiday is even less special to me, but even when I ate meat it was never a favorite holiday. Not even in my Top 5. Maybe not even in my Top 10. The biggies for me in the latter part of the year have always been Halloween, Christmas/Yule, and to a lesser extent New Year’s Eve/Day. Thanksgiving has always been kind of…meh. Oh yay, let’s slave away in a hot kitchen, watch football on tv all day, graze on food for hours, and then clean everything up. Not so much. Now that I don’t eat meat, including turkey or anything with turkey/chicken stock in it, the holiday is even less relevant for me. What’s a girl to do when the rest of the country is obsessed? Looking at vintage or vintage-y photos related to the holiday don’t hurt.

KD turkey

Look Who Came To Visit!

3 tables, settings for 13.

Carnation Evaporated Milk Advertisement - Ebony Magazine, November, 1959

Lucky Strike Cigarettes Thanksgiving Ad, 1950

049. Thanksgiving Dinner by Douglass Crockwell, 1950

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    It’s making me yearn to do a creepy photoshoot. Set in the 60s, with various cringe-worthy vignettes.

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