Gardening, ahoy!

Dudes, I’m so sore after this past weekend. But we got so much done! Inspired by a recent Flickr set showcasing a potager (kitchen garden), Kevin drew up plans for the backyard with licensed concrete contractor that involved tilling most of it to be used as a garden area, having a fountain/”water feature” (what a cheesy phrase) as a central, visually appealing piece, and having gravel paths around the whole thing. Yay for getting rid of lawn to mow! We also hired someone from Ziehler Lawn and Tree Care. So, since our friend Craig let us borrow his tiller, and since compost isn’t quite done cooking at the dump, this weekend we got to work laying everything out and doing prep work for our garden-to-come.

Here you can see the dual vegetable garden areas on either side of the sidewalk leading down to the garage/alley. We have effectively more than doubled our plot from last year.

Here’s Kevin laying down the landscaping fabric between one of the veggie garden plots and the area where I’ll have my herb garden (it will be epic). Landscaping fabric is awesome, and Menards just happened to have it on sale this weekend.

One of the trails laid with landscaping fabric, and lined with Purington Pavers, historic bricks and the same kind that several streets in Iowa City are paved with.

The first batch of gravel has been spread. It’ll take one or two more loads to get the coverage we want, although I don’t think we can finish the gravel paths until the fountain pond thing is completed.

This is not a firepit! It’s a planter that looks like a firepit, and which will be dismantled and replaced with (hopefully) one of those whiskey half-cask planters, if I can find one that isn’t $40.

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