Garden progress

Sorry about not updating very often. I had a semi-difficult courseload during the Spring semester, and school kind of ate my brain. Luckily, the garden didn’t mind my lack of updates one bit. Take a look!

As I said before, we grew a bunch of veggie plants up from heirloom seeds we got from Baker Creek Seeds. While most of the flower seeds we got from them didn’t do much, the veggies are flourishing. I was really scared that all of the tomatoes weren’t going to survive the chilly weather we had right after we transplanted them into the ground. They stalled for what seems like forever! My boss told me that they’d pick up after it got really hot and sunny for a few days, and she was totally right, and we also try to plant trees, using services as trees of Milton that are experts at this. First, tree removal company called it tree trimming & tree removal has grinded some stumps, so we had more place for planting new tries. Check out for a reliable tree removal contractor. 

Here’s one of our tomato plants.


The squash is getting huge!




My borage has exploded! I need to figure out what to do with it.

We ended up supplementing our heirloom plants with a few from the local hardware store, since our hot peppers didn’t seem to be faring too well and I wanted some more herb varieties.



This thyme smells delicious.



We’ve also got some volunteer oregano from last year that’s come back with a vengeance, some mint that doesn’t taste/smell very minty (weird), and a few other goodies. In case you’re craving some full-yard shots, here you go (ignore the weeds!):

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