You see this pile of cabinets? We’ve been hoarding them since January of last year (well, most of them anyway), paying to store them off-site until we’re ready to remodel our gross-but-mostly-usable  kitchen. We had grand plans for these babies, to strip the disgusting paint, rust, and goo off of them and repaint them a glorious, gleaming bright white. We even bought a vintage 50s Chambers stove to match the theme, one without a pilot light and with an oven compartment so tiny that I would have had to buy all new tiny baking sheets to fit inside, and which we recently sold to a very stylish barber from Riverside because we just couldn’t reconcile ourselves to the idea of eventually using it on a daily basis. That was a sad day, giving up that gorgeous hunk of porcelain and chrome, but it had to go.

It’s time for this pile of cabinets to go, too. With so many pressing items on our list of shit to do with this house, the kitchen is pretty far from even being considered ready to renovate, and the monthly expense of housing these supplies has really stacked up. We finally came to the conclusion last night that, once we’re ready to gut and remodel, we’ll either find another set of metal cabinets (in better condition, hopefully), or else we’ll buy new from somewhere (this is starting to become my preference, due to the customizability).

With this decision in place, I’m allowed to start fantasizing in earnest about IKEA kitchens, which is my current favorite in the running for new kitchens.

My friend Alice's new kitchen makes me swoon
our kitchen
via flickr
kitchen after
mmm, shiny red! via flickr
Ikea kitchen  Under $12k
via flickr, love the whitewhitewhite
Anna from Door Sixteen's ikea kitchen, which I love

In the meantime, I need to go through the room and decide what I can do to it to make it less depressing. Sigh.

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  1. We replaced our kitchen a few years ago & ikea cabinets are still going strong! We did all work ourselves, and cabinet installation was a breeze – apart from the fact that there is not a flat wall in our house (stone terrace built in 1903) haha. Good times…

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    Awesome! Do you have any pictures of your cabinets? Any pro tips?

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