Hellloooooo, nurse! How have I not heard of Younger Furniture before now? They’re American made, don’t have fluffy, overstuffed back pillows, and can scratch my Midcentury Modern itch nicely while still holding up well as brand new furniture.

Lily by Younger



So, yeah, it might be time to take a little jaunt over to my favorite local source for all furniture modern and beautiful, Meta Home, since they’re listed as one of only two sources for this brand in the state of Iowa. Hooray for offering beautiful options to consumers in my neck of the woods! The Iowa City area is a magical place.

Thanks to Pam over at Retro Renovation for posting about these gorgeous couches!

2 thoughts on “SofaSofaSofa”

  1. I love the first sofa you posted, I think it’s the Lily? I also saw this link from Pam at Retro Reno. If you do decide to check out this sofa in person, can you please post the information? I love the style but I haven’t be able to find any local places (here in Florida) that carries this style. It would be greatly appreciated!

    Since I found your blog by researching the Macy’s Blake sofa, let me mention that I’ll probably be checking one out this weekend. I’ll blog about it, and you can check out the info and pictures on my blog, if you’re still interested.

    (And sorry if you get multiple comments…for some reason I’m comment-illiterate.

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    We’ve got one local shop that carries Younger furniture, but when I stopped by they didn’t have any in stock! That was frustrating. Also, the style that I like most (the middle, minty-green one with one long cushion) would run about $1200, which is almost twice as much as the Macy’s Blake sofa that I love so much. I spent about 20 minutes lounging on a Blake, and I really, really love it. I think I just need to wrangle a roadtrip to pick it up, since shipping it would be so expensive.

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