Goodbye, couch

Say “Good night”, Gracie. The long era of carting around this monstrosity is over.

New effing couch!

She’s going off to a new owner to be stripped, reupholstered, and probably sold off at a pretty penny to someone with enough room in their den for a 9′ sofa with built-in end tables. Along with her goes a pair of careworn wood-framed chairs that we just couldn’t devote the time to restoring and re-cushioning. It’s a sad day of furniture failure in the Seven Ten Clark home.

Oh well. Time to move on and do what we can do, am I right? I’m still dreaming of Macy’s Blake sofa, but unless by some miracle they waive their $225 shipping fee, there’s pretty much no way we’re getting one anytime soon, so that means we’re stuck with old Gold Velour.

Edited to add: I posted too soon! The lady from Regeneration Factory came to pick up the pieces, and Kevin couldn’t let the couch go. I don’t blame him, because if ever there were a couch with perfect bones and in exactly the right shape for us, it was this one. It’ll fit in our basement entertainment area, if nothing else, and we’re going to get on Amy’s waiting list to have it reupholstered. Wheee!

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