Spring Break Mania: Day 2


So, I didn’t end up being as productive last night after work as I had wanted to be. I was SO MOTIVATED! And then shit just ended up taking too long. Grocery shopping always always always takes forever, and this time took extra long because we got a crapload of (GOOD) food and spent too much money. Oh well, now Kevin will stop complaining about never having enough food in the house. I also ended up making some delicious homemade guacamole, which took an hour for some reason. And then, instead of cleaning the bathroom like I should have, I ended up editing the photos that K took at the Old Thrasher’s Reunion show last Saturday. I do it to myself, honestly.

Anyway, we’ve got friends coming over tonight! JoAnn and Dawn are coming over to hang, which I’m totally stoked for. Gotta get prepared!


  • Clean bathroom
  • Sweep kitchen
  • Spot vac house
  • Make shortcake biscuit things for dessert
  • Do the remainder of the laundry
  • Grill out
  • Chillax by the firepit

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