Rosie’s Best

Did I ever tell you about the girl who lives around the corner, who has a food blog and has a burgeoning-yet-already-successful business selling homemade granola? Or about the time that I made a stray comment about a beautiful teacup making an appearance in one of her posts, and then I went away for the weekend, and when I came home that same teacup was sitting on my front stoop with a gracious handwritten note? No, I never did? Better late than never, right?



You can try some of Alicia’s scrumptious granola by ordering some from her Etsy shop, Rosie’s Best, or stopping by the Iowa City New Pioneer Co-op. Check out her food blog, Culinary Bliss, to keep up with the beautiful local and nutritious food she’s whipping up. Congrats on your success, Alicia!

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