Long weekend


By some miracle, I have an honest-to-goodness three-day weekend, starting today. Oh mah gah. Can I tell you how badly I’ve needed some time off? I know I just came home from vacation a month ago, but you should know that my life has been nonstop stress and busy work ever since then. Usually, I have clinic over the weekends, busting my ass for 9 hours at a stretch at the hospital, learning what I can and soaking up as much experience as I can grab. I was even supposed to have clinic this weekend as well, but by the grace of my poor instructor, I got out of it and will manage to enjoy my three-day weekend like a normal person. Hooray!

Unlike most normal people, though, I’m going to choose to spend my long weekend being as productive as fuck, because I can’t do it any other time. And because I am in love with making lists, here is the one I’ve made for this weekend:


  • Check out a possibly awesome antique garage sale
    (the pickings were slim, but Kevin snagged an old drive-in theater radio)
  • Go to the bank
  • Go out for vegetarian Indian food at Masala
    (we ended up eating at Exotic India in Coralville to avoid the Jazz Fest crowds, and we really missed Masala)
  • Go to hardware store to schedule garage drop-off, price railroad ties for retaining wall, buy hole saw, price garden sheds, stare longingly at hardwood flooring
  • Lie around watching Moon and drinking cocktails (hey, gotta start the weekend out right, am I right?)
    (Moon was delicious, and only partly because I want ravage Sam Rockwell)
  • Write grocery shopping list/menu
  • Organize linen closet
  • Hem living room curtains (which have needed to be hemmed for over a year)


  • Workout at the gym
  • Study session with clinic girls
    (didn’t get up in time, so I studied at the gym)
  • Take stock of spice cabinet
  • Trip to Kalona for cheese curds, doughnuts, and spices with Dawn
  • Order some spice jars to get that shit organized and pretty
    (I ended up getting a case of 24 2oz jars)
  • Take pictures of backyard and baby birds nesting on the side porch
  • Write up backyard/garage update
  • Barbeque for dinner
  • Bake something
    (Can I pretend I baked something if I bought a Dutch apple pie in Amish-town instead?)
  • Build shoe shelving in front closet
  • Organize front closet


  • Workout at the gym
  • Study/homework
  • Laundry
  • Organize basement
  • Take pictures of basement
  • Write up basement update blog post
  • Help classmate with setting up her iPad
  • Boating with friends
  • Bake something
  • Barbeque for dinner
  • Go watch Iowa City’s fireworks from parking ramp rooftop
    (we watched from the Pentacrest instead)


  • Workout at the gym
  • Study/homework
  • Friendship bracelet-making!
  • Set up computer backups on new hard drive
  • Bake something
  • Pedicure
  • Buy new cat food bowls
  • Go watch Coralville’s fireworks in the park

Jesus, that’s an ambitious list. We’ll see how far we get.

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