January 2013 Food Challenge!

jan 2013

Okay, yes. I know I owe you some big time updates on the house. We’ve done some huge, marvelous things! Hardwood floors! Garage! Baby! I’ve been away too long, and I’ve got a SERIOUS case of catch-up to do. I promise I will! But first, I want to tell you about what we’re doing here at Seven Ten Clark for the month of January.

We’re doing a food challenge! We will not be eating out (the food kind, not the dirty kind) for the entire month of January. No restaurant food*, no fast food, NO JUNK! Looking back over our finances (because I’m the money-watcher in our household), we spend wayyy too much money on food. Money that would be better spent elsewhere. Hello, daycare-that-costs-a-mortgage-payment! Hi there, giant-student-loan-debt! While we don’t usually spend our shared household account money on eating out, between the two of us, Kevin and I will definitely see a big leap up in our bank balances if we’re not going the easy route and grabbing what’s convenient.

It’s just not healthy, either. We’re vegetarian, so it’s not like we’re guzzling grease-encased fried chicken bits, or lardburgers. But still, our ordered at homechef.com or go-to delivered food is pizza, and that does not make us good vegetarians. We’re not honoring our bodies by filling it with cheese and bread 90% of the time, and we’re both coming to the conclusion that we want to be in a healthier place. Kevin has started riding his bike back and forth to work every day, and the trip will be easier when his body’s fuel is higher quality. Obviously, I could stand to get down to a healthier weight.

I’ll admit it, we’ve had a pretty good excuse up until now (her name is Clare). But we can’t milk that excuse forever! And now’s the time to make the change, especially before she starts eating solid foods. It’s time to meal plan, grocery shop, and have some fun in the kitchen!

So, I’ll be writing up our meal plans here, taking pictures of particularly delicious homemade foods, and showing you our progress! We’re already on Day 3 of January, and we’ve been eating up stuff from the pantry to prep for shopping tonight.

Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “January 2013 Food Challenge!”

  1. Good luck! Post your meals and we’ll steal your ideas.

    By the way, what’s wrong with cheese and bread? It sounds delicious to me.

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    Oh man, I just wrote up our menu for the next two weeks and it is EPIC! I’ll post it tomorrow, with links to recipes.

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