Summer To-Do List

This house blog is so, so sadly neglected. I want to remedy that! We’ve had some cool stuff going on in our house, and we’ve got even more cool shit in the works, so we might as well detail it, right? Right.

House To-Do List

  1. Revamp the look of the blog. It’s stale!
  2. Work on developing a comprehensive strategic plan for our house, with outside (possibly professional) help.
  3. Once the plan is done, work on revamping “The List
  4. Have the silver maple in the backyard evaluated to see if it needs to be cut down
  5. Finish arched doorways in living room
  6. Clean up the back patio and move the bricks (but first, figure out where to move the bricks to)
  8. Have a garage sale/purge everything possible
  9. Make a good list of easy meals that aren’t made of crap
  10. Complete radon remediation

Blog posts to bring everything up to date

  1. Hardwood floors! (they’re glorious)
  2. The long-awaited garage update
  3. Area rugs!
  4. Updated kitchen post
  5. Future kitchen plans
  6. Garden plans/progress
  7. Homebrewing!
  8. Spoonbutter
  9. Strategic plan!

I’ve also got a running list over on my personal blog. What’s on your list this summer?

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