Hey, it’s our house!

Hey, it’s our house!

Sorry for the long-time radio silence here. Having a kid has eaten our lives and left us with very, very little time to do any home improvement projects. EVERYTHING IS AT A STANDSTILL, AND IT SUCKS! That to-do list below? The only additional things we 

Garden progress

Sorry about not updating very often. I had a semi-difficult courseload during the Spring semester, and school kind of ate my brain. Luckily, the garden didn’t mind my lack of updates one bit. Take a look! As I said before, we grew a bunch of 

Revenge of the seedlings!

There is no rest for the weary. Or is it wicked? Maybe it’s both, and maybe we’re both, and there has definitely been no rest for us lately. The yard is really coming together, and it’s really exciting. We’re actually getting comments from neighbors about