Menu List #1

Menu List #1

First half of the month menu tiiiiime! I slaved over this thing, you guys, so bask in its glory. Roasted spaghetti squash with mushrooms, with garlic bread on the side Hot dogs and baked beans! Thai curry, loosely following this recipe, but with frozen veggies 

January 2013 Food Challenge!

Okay, yes. I know I owe you some big time updates on the house. We’ve done some huge, marvelous things! Hardwood floors! Garage! Baby! I’ve been away too long, and I’ve got a SERIOUS case of catch-up to do. I promise I will! But first, 

Project Smannon

Has it really been another six months since the last time I updated? I guess it almost has! Sorry about that. Rest assured that the last six months has pretty much been all garage, all the time. And man, is it impressive! Enormous, hand-built, and