Spring Break Mania: Day 3

I don’t know why I try to set non-guest goal activities for myself when I have people coming over. Isn’t that silly? Like I’m going to be tromping around with a dirty laundry basket while people are trying to socialize! Tonight’ll be my catch-up night, 

Spring Break Mania: Day 2

So, I didn’t end up being as productive last night after work as I had wanted to be. I was SO MOTIVATED! And then shit just ended up taking too long. Grocery shopping always always always takes forever, and this time took extra long because 

Spring Break Mania: Day 1

Spring break, woo hoo! Let me be honest, dear friends: I’m fucking beat. Who knew any kind of school could be this hard/draining/angst-rendering? I didn’t, that’s for sure. Finally, I get a break! Do I get to relax like kitty up there? (That’s her current