Hellloooooo, nurse! How have I not heard of Younger Furniture before now? They’re American made, don’t have fluffy, overstuffed back pillows, and can scratch my Midcentury Modern itch nicely while still holding up well as brand new furniture. So, yeah, it might be time to 

Sofa Shopping

We’ve got so much good shit in the works, you guys, it’s unreal. And a little overwhelming, actually. PROJECTS A-PLENTY! It’s about goddamned time for this blog to make a comeback, anyway, and we’ve got a passel of reasons to be posting over the coming 

Where do we start?

The problem with having such a long list of things that need to be done (or purchased) is that it’s difficult to know where to start. Well, we KNOW where to start: the basement walls. They’re cracked and bowing, and they need to be addressed