Hey, it’s our house!

Hey, it’s our house!

Sorry for the long-time radio silence here. Having a kid has eaten our lives and left us with very, very little time to do any home improvement projects. EVERYTHING IS AT A STANDSTILL, AND IT SUCKS! That to-do list below? The only additional things we 


Okay, so you have to know that we haven’t been on vacation since I last posted in April. BUT! We DID go on vacation last month! We took a break, from my schooling and Kevin’s grueling work tearing the house apart and rebuilding from scratch, 

Welcome, holidays

Has it really been almost 6 months since I’ve updated last? Wow. Since I left you, school has eaten my life. Right now, I’m one final exam away from having finished my first semester of nursing school at my local community college, and let me