Garden progress

Sorry about not updating very often. I had a semi-difficult courseload during the Spring semester, and school kind of ate my brain. Luckily, the garden didn’t mind my lack of updates one bit. Take a look! As I said before, we grew a bunch of 

Revenge of the seedlings!

There is no rest for the weary. Or is it wicked? Maybe it’s both, and maybe we’re both, and there has definitely been no rest for us lately. The yard is really coming together, and it’s really exciting. We’re actually getting comments from neighbors about 

Gardening, ahoy!

Dudes, I’m so sore after this past weekend. But we got so much done! Inspired by a recent Flickr set showcasing a potager (kitchen garden), Kevin drew up plans for the backyard with licensed concrete contractor that involved tilling most of it to be used