The List

This is a master “to do” list for the house, not yet prioritized. Watch our progress!
Note: This list may take months/years/forever to complete.

Exterior of house/yard
Strip old exterior paint
Repaint exterior (some sort of apple green)
Rip out old bushes along front of house
Replace storm windows
Repair broken windows
Plant herb and vegetable gardens
Repair drainage issues and install drainage tiles
Build pergola
Build brick oven/grilling center
Buy new patio furniture
Re-seed grass

Remove old laminate flooring
Tile floors
Install new (old) kitchen cabinets
Design and install new pantry system
Buy new kitchen faucet
Remove wallpaper
Scrape and redo ceiling (possibly replace drywall)
Install dishwasher
Choose and install Formica countertops
Clean up new table and reupholster chairs
Install new “junk-hiding” curtain for under fish tank
Sew curtains
Hang pot rack

Living Room
Strip and restain molding
Sew curtains
Hang art
Reupholster or replace long orange couch
Find and buy new tv stand that hides gaming systems

Upstairs Bath
Design and sew up shower curtain/window curtain
Paint non-tiled areas of wall
Tile shower stall to ceiling or repair drywall bordering ceiling
Dremel out grout in shower and replace with silicone caulk
Install overhead light
Organize bathroom items in cabinet
Install shelf/towel rack
Reinstall window casing

Craft Room
Finish painting ceiling and top edges of walls
Move bookcases into room and organize books/craft supplies
Build/buy desk and chair for computer
Build/buy sewing desk
Install organizational system in closet
Install laminate flooring
Sew curtains
Hang art

Guest Bedroom
Buy guest bed
Organize closet for storage
Strip and restain molding
Install new carpet
Sew curtains

Master Bedroom
Buy bed
Organize shoes in closet
Buy under-bed storage
Go through and weed out old clothes
Buy wardrobe for extra storage
Get wall-mount tv
Organize items on dresser
Strip and restain molding
Install new carpet
Sew curtains
Hang art

Fix damaged drywall
Spiff up phone nook
Strip and restain molding
Organize hall closet to utilize all usable space
Install new carpet

Install shelves in root cellar room for canned foods
Install carpeting in pool table area
Install tile in remainder of entertaining space
Fix arcade game
Build bar
Buy booths/tables

Basement Bath
Tile floor
Tear out shower
Hang drywall
Replace toilet and sink
Hang mirror/cabinet/towel rack

Replace carriage house-style doors
Insulate walls and roof
Install heater
Get rid of last of left-behind garbage
Figure out drainage issue so that water no longer pools on floor
Sell extra cars
Get side room set up
Organize tools
Build workbench
Move downtown workshop to garage